and here's "The Story"

I come from a long line of storytellers. We love to tell a story, spin a yarn as they say.  Some are always on repeat with no real point, but very entertaining.  My grandfather was the first to captivate me.  My father after him and now my brother and me love the details. So, bare with me as we go.

My name is Susan.  I am married to my best friend, Chris and we have a beautiful baby boy, Gavin, who is now 20 and studying at UGA.  He will always be my baby, though.  We live across the street from one of the homes that "built me".  There were 3 that I lived in before marriage and several that I visited often. Even though I have lived in Georgia for most of my life, I was born in the mountains of North Carolina and when I speak of going home to visit, that is where I am headed.  

Lo & Gussie's grew out of those mountains and my love to create.  We opened our doors in February of 2018 with lots of prayer and a simple plan.  L&G would be a place for locals to sell their handmade and refurbished items.  We were fortunate to also have a couple of bakers and a coffee pot and great support from the community.  To backup a little, did I mention, I have a bead problem? As I said, I enjoy being creative and making handmade, beaded jewelry was my passion at the time. The beads just kept coming and there are only so many pieces you can gift. Obviously, there would be a little section for me at L&G.  Since then, our simple plan has changed. We have now moved to more of a boutique, focusing on apparel, accessories, and gifts. Being a boutique owner, was never on my radar.  But God had bigger plans than I could imagine. 

I get asked often, "are you Lo or Gussie?"  I just smile and give them a little bit of that story.  My aunt "Rene, short for Lorene or "Lo" as her siblings called her owned a florist.  My mother was her baby sister and worked with her when I was born. They had a playpen set up for me in the rear of the store. Mama said any creativity I have came from Lo.  Growing up, her house was a favorite for my cousins and I to spend time.  And Gussie, well she was the best Mamaw EVER!  She was fun and feisty and creative in the way she disciplined her children and grandchildren. (Not me of course, I didn't get into trouble.)  But that is a story for another time! Mama had several other siblings, including my Aunt Wilma, another special lady that had the creative gene.  She actually did the flowers for my wedding.

So, if you notice our logo, you will see 3 little hearts and a dot.  The hearts are to honor Lo, Gussie, and Wilma who have all gone on to their heavenly homes.  The dot is for my mama... her name was Dot!  Actually it was Dorothy, but only a few people were allowed to call her that. After a year long health struggle, she went to her heavenly home January of 2023.  I miss her terribly.

Below, you will see my little family! They are my heart and my strength. This picture is a couple of years old, lots of memories from this day. Lots of memories made since then. God continues to bless us with so much more... His plans are always bigger and better than ours. 

We hope that when you visit us at L&G you will find some time to share some of your story with us!

Susan, Chris & Gavin Heitmann